Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kaunas / Warsaw - June 14

A few photos from the mini trek to Kaunas and then to Warsaw from the beginning of June. A big thank you to the promoters and audiences for two wonderful shows. 

It was great to see Kaunas for the first time, I'd only previously seen the second largest city in Lithuania from the bus stop in colder, drearier times, which is clearly not the best of ways to gain a decent impression of a place. This time I walked all around the city in wonderful weather, that was until I decided to head to the Museum of Devils and suddenly a huge thunderstorm rolled in, forcing me to run for the hostel and shelter. 

This was the space for the show, just outside Lithuania's oldest cinema. 

Arma Superstar 


This was my third show in Warsaw and the second this year. The heat was rising, shadows shortening and I had a headache blooming after the coach ride. For the first time I managed to visit the museum of Modern Art and on the way I picked up a Ryszard Kapuscinski book I hadn't read. 

Graffiti wall next to the hostel and Chmury (venue for the show).

Above and Below

Pierogi and Polish Beer - it's a hard life. 

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