Sunday, 9 March 2014

Berlin - 27 February 2014

We arrived in Berlin by train, a very comfortable journey during which I saw storks for the first time. From a young age the Stork has been an iconic image representing this region of Europe for me, so it greatly pleased me to see them, despite that view being from a train window. Also spotted were a huge amount of deer eating the tender shoots of farmers crops.

A Lost Harbours travel blog is not complete without a church spire.

It was a pleasure to return to Madame Claudes, a very friendly venue with great acoustics and a very helpful Sound-man. We also discovered a very fine Mexican restaurant and both managed to injure ourselves due to extensive exploratory walking. 

Playing on the same bill that evening was Jin & Daun, who style themselves as Kurdish electronic meditation. Their flowing, transcendental set filled the room with warm sounds, whilst they utilized a motley collection of synths, pedals and a harmonica to create extended drone pieces. 

The Ramones Museum. 

The next day we rambled around Berlin taking in the Ramones Museum, before we stumbled upon the Instrument Museum, which was not too far from the Sony building. Whilst containing a plethora of amazing instruments, including an Aeolian Harp (see below), it quickly became a frustrating experience as our hands itched to play them all. Unfortunately, due to time restraints I didn't manage to visit the Bode museum and it's excellent collection of Byzantium ephemera, that is one for the next trip. 

An Aeolian Harp in the Instrument Museum. 

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