Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Warsaw - 26 February 2014

This short trip across Europe was to be a revisiting of old haunts; it was also the first time Emma and I had played together, or even seen each other, for a few months. With this in mind, we had a lot of catching up to do and plans to put into motion.

I had arrived the previous day in Warsaw due to the long bus journey from Riga, with Emma arriving at midday it meant we had a good few hours of sight-seeing before the show at Eufemia that evening. We wandered the Old Town before heading to the Chopin museum for a few hours. Inside was a fascinating insight to this composers life and mind-set, plus some very engaging interactive features which meant you could listen to a substantial number of his works in full. I discovered a new favourite piece in Nocturne Op. 27, a very sombre and solemn work. Emma was likewise captivated by Scherzo No.1 in B Minor Op. 20 a grandiose and frankly ludicrous piece which has been getting many plays since.

Discovered on walkabout in the Old Town.

After this foray we made our way to Eufemia and were greeted warmly with a meal of soup and aubergine. One of my favourite memories from our previous visit in 2011 was the great soup and politeness of the audience, and this visit was no exception. 

                                                                         Klubojadalnia Eufemia

Playing on the same bill was Bibi and Palcolor. Bibi being the project of a young lady who seems to be in about four other bands as well. Her performance reminded me a little of the Outsider musician Space Lady. Palcolor utilitised two synths for an ambient, beat driven set which drew on influences from the Warp Records roster. It reminded me of artists like Petrels or Kostoglotov yet without the manipulation of samples into the mix.

The Wall of Fame

New Totes on sale.

Space Lady Bibi.

Despite the lack of rehearsal, Emma and I managed to get through our set without mishap, except when my guitar randomly de-tuned half-way through Autumn Returns, one of the newer songs I've been playing recently. The string slipped on the tuning peg and caused all sorts of weird sounds to issue, a slight embarrassment, but easily overcome. 

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