Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Our trip to Berlin started off fraught with travel issues, but eventually, after some frantic vehicle swapping we managed to catch our flight in time and flew into a very snowy Schoenefeld Airport. A cold wind blew across the runway and this never abated the entire trip, however it still felt fresh compared to England's dour weather which we were hoping to escape. 

 We trailed around the city centre taking in the sights, trying not to fall over on the snowy and icey pavements whilst drinking in the juxtaposition of decaying industrial buildings and renovated tourist attractions. Emma hadn't been to Berlin before, so we concentrated on the Pergamon and Altes museums housing the Classical Antiquities collection and also a fine collection of Islamic art.

Madame Claudes was the venue for our show, an ex-brothel apparently with a dark basement feel; furniture glued to the ceiling for a surreal look and rickety chairs supporting the quietly chatting clientelle. Headlining was an artist called F.S Blumm, who played a set of gentle finger-picked guitar backed with looped sounds created from a plethora of childrens toys, stationary and anything else he could get a sound from. He reminded a lot of Eric Chenaux (Constellation Records) whose show we arranged in Southend-on-Sea a few years before.  

We even managed to catch up with our friend Alisse who organised our first ever show in Riga nearly two years prior.

Here is a link to FS Blumm performing on the night

The journey home was less troublesome, but we were incredibly sleep deprived after but one nights sleep in the last four. Barely functioning we somehow made it through the airport, despite special interest from security in my collection of Delay Pedals, which has never happened before.

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