Sunday, 28 April 2013


Before the show, whilst Richard toiled in an office, I (Emma) went to the Horniman Museum in Dulwich which is home to a very large collection of musical instruments as well as natural history exhibits and, pleasingly, a lot of masks. While I was there a children's orchestra were playing in the main atrium which made the experience even more uplifting.

If we had formed the band in the 18th Century, I would be playing something like this:

And Richard would be playing something like this, an English guitar with keys to make finger picking obsolete. There were a wealth of African artifacts and a room of taxidermy, including the famous over-stuffed walrus (see below for evidence).

Daryl came along, and took two photos. The other one was of the back of a chair. 

 Mirrorring were sublime, playing one of the quietest shows I've ever seen with some very subtle guitar playing to create their haunting songs. It was a real privilege to support these two artists and a wonder to behold them.

It was so cold in the venue that hot water bottles were passed around to the musicians and audience members.

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