Friday, 24 August 2012

23rd August - Riga

We landed in Riga at midday after a ridiculously early start in order to get the bus across London. Despite earlier forecasts of rain showers and being greeted by steely grey skies, it remained dry. After finding our accommodation we set out to show Daryl the delights of Riga. To carry on with two time-honoured traditions we went to an art gallery and then, afterwards, got horrifically drunk as Brits in Riga do; at 1.20 a beer it would have been rude not to. The next day saw us nursing sore heads and wandering to Cafe Taka for tea. The forecast rain arrived just as we met Sandis who had organised the tour for us; at one point we had to shelter in a garage as torrential rain swept through the streets. After obtaining bus tickets for our journey to Tallinn in two days time, we made our way to the venue: a small bar set away slightly from the centre of Riga called Chomsky Bar. Coffee, kebabs and comfy seating assuaged our wretched hungover bodies and set us up for the evenings show, which would be accompanied by some visuals I'd been slowly preparing over the last few months. A slight glitch meant these didn't go 100% according to plan, but it still looked okay. Daryl / Kostoglotov played first; it was one of the more accomplished sets I'd seen him perform since he first took the stage last year and contained my favourite new track of his which is based around a sample of an Olympics protest. We played the longest set we'd ever committed to which included another new song; this particular track is probably the closest we'll ever come to writing a pop-song. we've not recorded it yet, so you'll just have to see us live to hear it.

The sun's come out and now we head to Jelgava by train for this evenings show.

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