Monday, 20 August 2012

August News

Since releasing the album we've received a number of fantastic reviews topped off by Julian Copes words on his Head Heritage site:

"HYMNS & GHOSTS by Lost Harbours
I’ve lately been entranced by the stately folk and ambient imbalance of HYMNS & GHOSTS by Southend-on-Sea duo Lost Harbours, who alternately set up vast hillsides of heathen chorales and natural rushing wind followed by dextrous flute and guitar pieces, or Matt Baldwin-style instrumentals backed only by short wave radio and Peter Hammill-alike vocals. Alienating but compelling, HYMNS & GHOSTS takes place in a large glass-roofed museum during rainy hot weather, and projects such an insular worldview that listeners feel ejected from its cocoon at disc’s end. Released on Liminal Noise Tapes, Lost Harbours might even yield a larger listening audience were they to separate the overblown experiments from the pert guitar achievements. Their real charm, however, is precisely this highly unlikely and surprisingly necessary combination."

The record is now stocked by Norman Records and Rough Trade, plus available from us at shows and from this website / bandcamp / Liminal Noise.

In two days we'll be flying to Latvia for a mini tour, we'll be playing the following shows with our good friend Daryl who plays under the name Kostoglotov:

22 - 27 August 2012 - Baltic Mini-Tour
23rd August - Latvia - Riga - Chomsky Bar
24th August - Latvia - Jelgava - Balerija
25th August - Estonia - Tallinn - Kodu Baar
26th August - Estonia - Tallinn - Kuluuritehas Polymer

Hopefully later this year we'll be playing more shows in the UK and there will be news of further releases and videos.

In the mean time here is us playing in Riga last year at the wonderful Cafe Taka:

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