Sunday, 20 November 2011

18 November 2011 - ZABADAK - Kuldiga - Latvia

Leaving our generous hosts behind, we left as early as possible from PAKAC due to the long drive ahead across the width of Latvia. Leaving North out of Preili instead of West added forty minutes onto our journey time and created some initial confusion, but thanks to Collins Europe Road Atlas we found the correct route. Seven hours later we arrived in Kuldiga, a town in the West of Latvia famed for its widest waterfall. Again, we got lost trying to find the venue, seemingly driving endlessly around the town, but eventually, more by luck than judgement, we found ourselves in the right road and a few minutes later, at the correct building. We were greeted by Edgar and Bobby the house dog, and brought into the warm environs of the lovingly crafted DIY venue Nekac, which is the centre of the Zabadak organistion ( ). The frustrations of our journey were borne away by the crackling wood fire and lovely beetroot soup. 

It's interesting to note that this venue and the previous are the creations of a few individuals attempting to make something interesting happen in their town, eschewing commercial tendencies and concentrating on providing alternative cultural forms for the local area. That they have achieved this over years of graft and with the local Governments agreement and help, shows their determination to create something really positive and worth-while. 

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