Saturday, 19 November 2011

17 November 2011 - PAKAC - Preili, Latvia

After leaving the sunny streets of Vilnius we picked up the hire car from the airport to continue the tour out of Lithuania and through Latvia. The countryside rolled by in a blur of silver birches, lakes and stark moorland; topographically similar to Scotland's moors and plains. Much of the route was densely forested punctuated by rich-earthed farmland. Eventually, we turned off the main road to Rezekne to head towards Preili: a small town that felt quite isolated in its rural surroundings. The venue was a DIY community centre run by local music lovers to provide a platform for touring bands to play ( ) ; slightly on the outskirts of town the building stood alone near tower block style housing and long rows of garages. As we arrived the IT appeared to be empty and very, very quiet, but a van pulled up delivering the PA system. We were soon greeted warmly by Alex, our host for the event. Rye bread, pasta, a warm fire and vodka was on the menu whilst we rested after the journey, before sound checking for the evenings event. 

Alex, our congenial host.

Freegan, philosopher, chef and mystic; a seriously cool and nice dude.

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