Wednesday, 16 November 2011

16 November 2011 - Vilnius

Yesterdays arrival in Vilnius was shrouded in the gloom of night and after a long bus ride we couldn't really face anything other than a meal and bed, which was precisely what we did. This morning, however, the clouds parted and an azure blue sky glistened above the city, so we've spent the best part of the day strolling around Vilnius taking in the sights and sounds, and being accosted by Russian tramps and half blind cats, the latter of which Emma tried to befriend.

The show, organised by Arma of Agharta (, was in the back room of a basement Balti restaurant; brick walls arching over an intimate space that was redolent of a private chapel. In support was Tobias Faar ( and Raimmundas Eimontas ( The venue filled up with an attentive and quiet audience whilst we discovered another drinkable and lovely Baltic beer. A big thank you to Arma for helping us make this entire tour possible and for putting on an memorable night in Vilnius. 

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