Sunday, 18 September 2011

Dalston Victoria

On the 16th September we were invited to play the Dalston Victoria (London) with Kostoglotov.   As is customary, Emma spent the day sightseeing, this time at the British Museum.  She was particularly taken with The Egyptians, the Middle East, and this piece of pottery


Circuit Breaker

Richard tried to impress people by carrying around a flute, thereby implying he could play it.  Here is is holding it in a somewhat phallic way. 

This failed to scare people off though, and we had a reasonable audience for our set, although this shrank a little when Richard asked them to be quiet and listen.  Still, we were rewarded with a gift of an orange and a portrait.

We ate the orange during the final set, a space rock performance extraordinaire from Cozmic Onion Field.


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