Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 September - Slack Space - Colchester

I've just got home from Colchester after playing a Dead Air show at Slack Space, a community art and music centre just off the High Street, and thought I'd share the photos accumulated after an afternoons rambling through the City and watching the other bands on the bill.

Whilst most of the bands on the bill were stylistically different, the event flowed very nicely, the music punctuated by two short films. On the bill were also Bangstic: an incredibly downbeat and haunting blues two piece, Doomsday Apocalypse Special: extreme guitar noise trio, and Fuzzy Lights who match pastoral folk against Mogwai esque crescendos.

Our debonair host for the evening: Lee Ashcroft of Dead Air: Link: Dead Air Recordings / Events

Fuzzy Lights rockin' out.

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