Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Weird Garden / Decimal Place - Lincoln - A fond return

We first ventured to Lincoln last year, playing in a gallery very close to Lincoln Castle and Cathedral and for this tour we were heading back. Arriving early at the city after a smog strewn drive up England we found the hill-crest of Lincoln city to be obfuscated by the stubborn evil mists that had haunted the night air in London. We walked south of the canal, exploring areas previously unseen on our preceding visit. 

Weird Garden has an atmosphere very much like sitting in someone's front room, informal and relaxed with everyone huddled on the sofa and stairs chatting amicably and supping beers. It seems to be the ritual that Experimental Sonic Machines kick start the evening with an outside performance next to the gallery and this time was no exception with Peter employing a plethora of amazing home made musical gadgets to conjure primitive beats and electronic wailings. Emma was especially thrilled to be invited for some impromptu jamming on some of these inventive creations.

Dex's Tape Noise set was especially engaging tonight because he had integrated a performance element with help from Peter K Rollings a.k.a Experimental Sonic Machines who was operating shadow puppets. Some footage of this part of the show should be forthcoming once I've cut it down.

Radio Hummingbird reminded me of William Basinksi's work, slow decaying drones that require intense concentration and focus. The bulbs in the frame (as pictured above) were meant to heat up via candles positioned below them, once the water boiled various other tones would develop in the music. Unfortunately, a slight draft kept the bulbs too cool for that affect to occur, however for us listening, who were unaware, this didn't distract from the ambiance and beauty of the piece. 

After playing we settled into the couch for good conversation and tea and biscuits.

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