Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Anatums Abode - London

Near Limehouse tube station is a shop front named Anatums Abode, the home of two curious individuals, a studio and a small performance space. We were welcomed warmly by Anastasia and her partner who run the project. They had recently (as in the day before) repainted the performance space a rich blue and ripped the ceiling off to reveal the wooden beams underneath. 

The audience gathered in the garden area as the heavy smog that had been hanging over England for the last few days glowed a sickly yellow from London's light pollution. We were an international crowd and between the beautiful mix of accents, the candlelight, the travel stories and the eerie sky it was possible to believe we were anywhere in the world.

As part of this performance we were requested to bring an element of audience participation to the evening. In order to action that a large bag of various percussive and drone producing instruments were brought along. I won't talk much about what occurred as we have a recording of the show (see below), but what we started with was a play on Hymns & Ghosts Pt 1 (off the first album of the same name). As I conjured vocal drones, I handed the various instruments out to the audience introducing their participation slowly to the overall mix. When the set was over there was another spontaneous collaboration as the audience found their chanting voices.  Anatum's Abode is a secret pocket of peace, meditation and friendship on a busy city street and we were very privileged to share the magic.

The next morning saw an early start as we had the drive to Lincoln and the Weird Garden event to undertake. 

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