Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Birmingham, Cambridge and Dave's Smelly Flower Pot

We navigated Birmingham's labyrinthine road system to arrive at Mossley Hill, the area of the city in which the Bohemian Jukebox was situated. Our host for tonight's show was singer/songwriter Ben Calver, who understood the rigours of touring and had carbs and citrus on hand to reinvigorate our tired bodies. His night is dedicated to acoustic and psychedelic sounds, so we felt very at home. There was a large audience and free jellybeans.  Headliners Cannon Street were a pair of sisters who played a poppy but hugely likeable, well performed set of songs, mostly originals, and it was they who had brought a giant fan base. They seem destined for bigger things, but for now they are humble and giggly on stage and hopefully that won't change too soon.

The next day we headed across the country once more to Cambridge, home of the Dave's Smelly Flowerpot radio show. Dave interviewed us and we played three songs for him, all of which you can hear here:  Smelly Flowerpot

To mark the end of this stage of the tour we went for one last drink after the session at The Cambridge Blue, a pub with a remarkably huge selection of world beers. As Emma was driving she had to settle for cola and her share of some exceptional nachos. We were extremely impressed and pledged to return, and that was before we knew about this.
Cambridge Blue Owner being awesome

So that was the UK Spring tour over. A big thank you to all who came to the shows and everyone who put us on and up over those few weeks. We'll be playing a few more UK shows in June and then another tour in November which, if you look at our tour dates, is shaping up nicely. If anyone wants us to come play you can contact us here: lostharbours @ gmail.com

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