Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 in retrospect.

2013 seemed a big year: 27 shows over five countries, a sound track, collaborating with the poet  / writer Justin Hopper for the Shorelines 2013 festival, moving to Eastern Europe, seeing more of Finland and Latvia, and writing / recording the second album. 

Hopefully 2014 will be even busier with more music making, including writing the next album and continuing with the collage series I started in November, plus some other projects I'm keeping quiet about at the moment.

The main emphasis of the first part of the year will be on releasing the second album 'Into The Failing Light', it will be out on Liminal Noise Tapes in March. At roughly the same time we have our first 7" release by the awesome Stone Tape Recordings, which I'm greatly looking forward too. It consists of two brand new songs which drift in a slightly folkier direction than the album. Anyone catching the live show in the last few months will have already heard them, but the recorded versions have a lot more instrumentation and sound very rich. As always, they were recorded at No Recording Studios by the ever capable John Hannon.

A big thank you to all the promoters and venues who put on shows in 2013, to all the bands we have shared bills with, to the people whose homes we have stayed in and for all the lovely folk who turned up to listen. Particular thanks to Sandis of Ulve Agency for helping book shows around the Baltics.  

At this moment I am looking for potential shows around Europe in February and March, plus gigs in the UK in April, if anyone can assist with this please email me at 

Now for some links to artists who I have appreciated in the last 12 months. 

Lee Chapman

Dzena Trakie


Fran Morter

Finally, my favourite album of the year:

Land of Kush - The Big Mango

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