Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Chomsky Bar and Shorelines 2013

Whilst England seems to be under the spell of an extended Summer, it's full-on Autumn here in Latvia. Whilst Daryl (Kostoglotov) and myself are busy flat hunting and looking forward to seeing Nate Young play, we've also got a gig to play ourselves at the awesome Chomsky bar on the 3rd of October.

In other news the Shorelines festival in Leigh-on-Sea is occurring on Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of November across various venues in Leigh-on-Sea. We have some music involved in a piece called Public Record: Estuary, more info below:

“…quite as salt as the sea.”
Public Record: Estuary is a cycle of poems inspired by archival newspaper reports of Victorian sea disasters near Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, created by writer and artist Justin Hopper. Comprised of 19th century texts mingled with new writing and set within a soundscape by noted musicians, Scanner and Lost Harbours, Public Record haunts the shoreline with ghosts from Leigh’s own past. As the ‘end’ of the River Thames, the waters at Leigh are neither river nor sea – a perfect place for summoning the spectre of England’s in-between places: the edgelands between industry and countryside, between nature and town, between the historic and the forgotten.

The work can be experienced in two ways:

- As an audio-poetry walk along the water’s edge of Old Leigh, with stunning views and historic surroundings. Just pick up a set of headphones from Shorelines Festival HQ – Leigh Community Centre – or download the piece on your own device.

- As a multimedia installation within Shorelines Festival HQ, featuring photographs by Simon Fowler. Watch and listen in the warmth of Café Valise at Leigh Community Centre.

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