Saturday, 9 March 2013

January in Leeds

On a chilly but bright January morning we set out to Leeds, a city neither us had visited before. As is customary we had a look at the art gallery

And wandered through the town

And then, after some fun and games in the one way system, we arrived at Wharf Chambers, a very friendly community run venue. It's more welcoming than this picture implies. 

The gig had been organised by Chrissy from Helicopter Quartet, a band who performed one of the most impressive sounding soundchecks we'd ever heard.  Their set was also impressive but we expected that. 

They really like their pedals. 

During the gig six inches of snow fell outside and we had to dig the cars out, then drive very slowly to Chrissy's house where we were due to stay the night. Thankfully a team of furry hot water bottles were on hand to make sure our stay was a cosy one.


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