Wednesday, 29 August 2012

26 -28 August- Tallinn

After a late start we ambled into the Old Town to clear our heads and obtain some food. Stumbling through the cobbled streets avoiding the hordes of tourists who had suddenly appeared, we discovered the African Kitchen, a basement restaurant with a warm ambience and reggea music, plus, best of all, great, cheap food. Although, by this point in the trip we were all lusting after pizza and coffee; perhaps because one person started talking about it and virally that idea spread amongst us until we were all desperate for greasy cheese on a thick dough base.

After some further wandering around this quaint quarter of Tallinn we headed back to Polymer for that evenings show, which turned out to be a bit of a wash out... literally. The forecast rain arrived with reinforcements, revellers fled the roof garden where we were due to play in droves as the DJ's set of Brit Pop Big Hits ground to a halt; part of the roof shifted sending water over electrics nullifying the idea of playing outdoors at least. Equipment was frantically moved into a tiny side room where stoner-drone band Trans-Geramanium Express eventually played at around 1.30am. After yet more equipment shuffles Daryl played a cut-down Kostoglotov set at around 2.30am, by which time I was feeling far too tired to contemplate playing and singing, so we spent the rest of the night catching up on the drinking and listening to Emma play flute along to the drum circle that had formed in the bar.

We slept in a room near to this beautiful painting.

Mobile Sauna

The Roof Garden

Our last day was spent record shopping, eating yet again at the African Canteen, finding the Baltic Sea lapping over broken concrete and salt soaked weeds, and catching our flights home. Instead of a direct line back to the UK we went via Oslo. Tallinn's airport was quite a relaxing place to hang about, free wifi, blueberry smoothies and making future plans whiled away the hour and a half wait. The actual flight was quite strressful for me though, the changing air pressure created intense pain in my ears, probably caused by a slight cold picked up over the weekend. However, the flight from Oslo was worse. As I type this, 24 hours later, my ears have yet to pop and everything seems so distant.

A big thank you to Sandis for organising the shows and accompanying us on this journey. Another to all the venues who hosted us and to Kimberly / Polymer for putting us up for two nights. Thanks to everyone who came to watch us too.

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