Friday, 8 July 2011

News Update

As Summer progresses, and seemingly gets damper and damper, we're progressing towards completing our debut album; just one song left to record and then the final mixing before it's released in the Autumn. At the same time Emma and I have been working on our next tape release called 'Leaf Decay', we'll be polishing and mixing the tracks this weekend as well as rehearsing and writing new material for a host of upcoming gigs (see our side bar for constantly updated news on that).

On another note, we have sold out of the East of the Wall CDRs which we released last year and have no current plans to make anymore. However, you can still purchase the download from our Bandcamp page. We still have plenty of Lost Harbours / Kostoglotov split tapes left, but we only made 60 (30 each), so at some point they will also all be gone.

We're also massively excited about the prospect of a short tour in the Baltics in November, but more of that later.

Southend on Sea continues to host a number of Culture as a Dare gigs; upcoming treats include Asss, Meddicine, Stevie R Moore, Tropical Ooze and the return of SIC Alps. I'm sure we'll have more on the books very soon.

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