Monday, 20 April 2015

St Etienne

First stop on the short European tour I've embarked on was St Etienne. After a few lovely days in Paris sight seeing and hanging out with friends from Riga I took the train south, changing in Lyon for a short ride through the heavily industrialised area that seperates Lyon and St Etienne. 

Nestled in a valley surrounded by seven hills, St Etienne's red tiled roof tops beckoned shone wetly after one of the frequent rain storms that day. I was met by my friend Laetitia aka Raymonde Howard, who had organised the French leg of the tour for me, we were playing that evening at a small bar for the Barre Magazine opening show. But first we popped into a local record store called Meli Melodie, I was able to resist the temptation of all the gorgeous vinyl contained therein.

Barre Magazine had decorated the venue (Ramina Grobis) with art that was featured in the magazine, plus a few other bits and pieces. Quite a large crowd gathered in anticipation for the event whilst the musicians ate chips and salad at Laetitia Sadier's mothers restaurant nearby.

The first act on was a guy called Christian, who had a theramin synced up to an impressive bank of electronics. He blasted his way through a short and noisy set before Raymonde Howard played a series of incredibly catchy Indie Pop tunes.

Inside Ramina Grobis, the  venue for the evening.

                                                                  Outside Ramina Grobis.

Christian making some beautiful noise via the medium of a theremin. 

Raymonde Howard in action.

The next stop on the tour was Aubenas, but more of that later. 

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