Monday, 30 June 2014

Leigh Folk Festival - Postscript

The last weekend, as discussed in a previous blog post, saw us take part in a four day folk festival in our home town. Despite my wavering and failing voice we prevailed through the weekend of fun, frolics, socialising, drinking and awesome music. The organisers created an amazing line-up taking in a huge variety of folk musics, artists and musicians across a huge number of different venues, plus it all ran smoothly - a big well done to everyone involved, so much work and dedication, it all paid off in the end. 

The view across the Thames Estuary. 

Our input was to help open the festivities with a set at the Squeezebar on the Thursday evening, which we managed despite my ailing vocal abilities and poor taste in onstage jokes. Friday night saw Emma and myself at the Fishermans Chapel to watch the Owl Service, You Are Wolf (one of my high-lights), Crafting for Foes, Firefay feat. Alison O Donnell and Roshi. feat Pars Radio. This was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the entire festivals dynamic line-up. 

Adam Rees Squeezebox Organiser and member of Crafting for Foes.

Roshi feat. Pars Radio

You Are Wolf

Saturday morning saw an instrumental, improvised Lost Harbours set backing the poetry written by Justin Hopper for Public Record: Estuary and performed by various artists including Jo and Ray of Sundown Arts and Justin himself. The setting was the beautiful St Clements church - perched on the hill overlooking Old Leigh this building dates back to roughly 1400 and later that evening it was the venue for Mike Heron (Incredible String Band) and the Trembling Bells. 

The original recording can be heard and downloaded here: CLICK

St Clements Church - The Trembling Bells and Mike Heron played there later that day.

After an afternoon spent relaxing in the Library Gardens enjoying the music of Crafting for Foes and She’Koyokh, with Çigdem Aslan (another festival highlight), we ventured back to the church for Cath and Phil Tyler (third festival highlight) before heading off for soundcheck back in Old Leigh for that evenings show. 

I won't say too much about that night, except that I'm hoping a recording of the set comes to light. We were joined by Diana Collier of the Owl Service / Greanvine for vocals on Idumea, a studio version of which will hopefully be recorded at No Recording studio at some point in the near future. 

The Dead Rat Orchestra in the Scout Hut as part of the Squeezebox line-up on the Sunday.

Sunday was a day to chill out and see our friends bands play: Plantman, Melodie Group and Ghost Music, and ramble between venues enjoying the weather (despite the occasional shower). The Dead Rat Orchestra put on a grand show for Squeezebox, showering the audience in wood chip and scattering metal shards across the floor. C Joynes was as great as always in the Fishermans Chapel, keeping me spellbound with his guitar playing. We sat outside the Chapel and listened to the Trembling Bells as the venue was rammed to the rafters for their performance. For the last few hours of the festival we watched the last acts in the Sundown curated Scout Hut: Haiku Salut, Blazing Zoo and Ghost Music were the last three acts I caught - a great end to a great festival.

Time to rest for a day before two more shows: Ryans Bar in London the 1st July (8.30pm) and the Cafe De Artistes in Lewes, Sussex on the 4th July.

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