Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Frozen Land - New EP release.

The netlabel SPNet have released one of our recently recorded EPs today as a Free Download, available from this link: 

Lost Harbours - The Frozen Land

In their own words, a bit more about the release:

"England's Lost Harbours brings the delicate EP The Frozen Land. Each track is a kind of dark folk minimalism, naked as a winter tree whose leaves fell months ago, where lonely guitar and piano chords play on, occasionally matched by violin or what could be a clarinet. These three pieces have a slowly building structure reminiscent of Pollux, but much quieter and acoustic, as if the frosty terrain itself recorded the material, playing as fast as its frozen mechanics could muster. Sparse, yet beautiful, The Frozen Land is a fitting example to advice often given in band class: that the measure of a musician is not the notes they play, but the ones they do not. 

01 - Lost Harbours - Thru Fog (8:21)
02 - Lost Harbours - Clouds Wander (6:27)
03 - Lost Harbours - Kalljord (3:08)

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