Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Colchester in September and our 50th show.

After getting back from Estonia and my ears recovering with the help of Sudafed and Olbas oil, we had two shows in Colchester to attend too. It had been 52 weeks since our last visit to the Roman Capital of England and for the first gig we were back at Slack Space, but this time in a new location: the old Co-Op building. The event was an All-Dayer with poetry readings, a radio play and folk music in the evening; part of a greater festival spread over a number of venues in Colchester that weekend.  We didn't really have a huge amount of time to wander the City, but we did find the park the famous castle inhabits.

A few days later I headed out of London by train to meet Emma at the Colchester Arts Centre, a venue We'd wanted to play for years. We were supporting United Bible Studies, an irish folk-rock band of whose music I was unfamiliar but I knew it contained members of The Magickal Folk of the  Faraway Tree; also playing was Simon Finn a dark tinged folk singer from the 60's/70's who has worked with David Tibet in the past. This was to be Emma and I's fiftieth show together, an anniversary of sorts and one we were very much looking forward to.

Simon Finn on the electric.

United Bible Studies

A few days after the gig this pleasing review was posted on the Arts Centre blog:

"First up, I expected Lost Harbours to peddle a far more generic ambient/drone-tinged sound than the one they delivered. Amorphous, echoing vocals and looped bird callers meant that there was a certain post-rock aesthetic that was inescapable, albeit delivered well.

But for me it was the guitar style that lifted Lost Harbours out of the usual murk that these kinds of groups tend to revel in, delivering delicate rhythms and brighter melodies amongst washes of reverb. Touches of flute and static-drenched radio voices (were they tuned into an actual analogue signal for those sounds?) rounded out the package. I happily picked up their album from the merch table afterwards."

Currently Emma and I working on a number of new releases; our weekly rehearsals/jams are producing lots of new material which we'll be honing over future live dates. I'm looking for a common thread to string these songs together into the next album.  In the mean time we'll be back in No Recording Studio over the next two months recording two new songs which are part of our current live-set. Also, we are currently shooting some lo-fi music videos for ourselves and friends, the first two should be up on the Liminal Noise Vimeo page very soon.

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