Saturday, 7 July 2012

Power Lunches - a return.

Tuesday the 3rd July saw us back in London for a show at one of my favourite venues Power Lunches. Emma had already been around the British Museum, whilst I was at work, perusing the Ancient Greek ceramics. The event was a sweaty one in Power Lunches basement, outside it was muggy and wet and inside there was no respite from that humidity. Petrels started the event off with a beautiful set of deep drones and sampled choral singing.

After which we played with visuals for only the second time, a mixture of footage shot in Eastern Europe and  also from the muddy shores of the Thames Estuary. We even played a brand new song called Sun Shrine (working title at present), which was recorded the other month as part of our Phoenix FM Creative Session, soon to be aired on that particular radio station.

Headlining the evening was Paper Dollhouse playing a set of introverted, ambient songs that drifted melancholically through the warm air of that dark space.

Thank to Daryl for putting the event on and Power Lunches for hosting. Next stop: Budapest.

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