Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Riga - Cultural Cafe Taka

On our second to last day in Riga we went to a small bar to watch a trio of Ambient / Drone / Noise artists play including Christian Galarreta  formerly of Peru, currently of France and right now on tour through Eastern Europe ( ). I shot a fair amount of footage of all three artists which will hopefully turn up in final tour film. Currently I have nearly two hours of recordings from every city we've been in, plus some of the artists we've played with, whilst I've been editing on the way it'll still be a massive task to finalise everything when I get home. 

Anyway, after the show we headed into the Old Town for a few beers with the Promoter: Sandis, and Christian, chatting music in one of the many cool bars that proliferate that area. One of the specialities on offer was Honey Beer, which slipped down very nicely (and for one of us, perhaps a touch too easily).  

For our last day in Riga we were to play the Cultural Cafe Taka ( ). I spent the morning wandering around the Old Town whilst Emma recovered from a few too many the night before... Luckily she was in good form on the evening and Christian, Sandis and his Girlfriend turned up to watch too. The Cafe itself was a fantastically individual place, a real cultural hub. Part cafe, gallery and performance space, its staff were very friendly and chatty, so chatty in fact that after the show we spent the best part of the evening in a rapt discourse whilst imbibing the home made apple wine. A pleasant end to our stay in this city, the next day would see us depart and head for Tallinn, our second to last stop.

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