Sunday, 27 November 2011

25 - 26th November 2011 - Helsinki to Home

Our last two days on tour started inauspiciously with grey clouds over head and a slow drizzle that oozed through clothes slowly. Our ferry ride to Helsinki felt slow and ponderous, but it only took two hours to cross the Gulf of Finland; soon tiny rocky islands protruded from the leaden waves and later larger land masses appeared, capped in fir trees and stubbly vegetation. We disembarked into a wet and windy Helsinki, soon becoming soaked attempting to find our way to the gallery where the show was. A friendly passing Fin helped direct us onwards as we sheltered in the lee of a building. Whilst on paper the gallery seemed only 15 minutes walk away, in reality it was much different, but eventually we stumbled down the stone stairs of Myymälä2 and into the warm confines of the performance space. A cup of tea, short sit down and perusal of the vinyl on sale later, we were fit and happy enough to venture out and explore Helsinki. 

The promoters for the show were Dmitri and Sasha, a sweet and friendly couple who run the Jozik tape/cdr label ( ) who have put out tapes by Rainbow Valley, another Southend-on-Sea act, hence why we knew about their existence. The show went well with support acts Tulasi ( ) and Varropas ( ) playing interesting and involving sets. After the gig we retired to the Jozik household and watched the cat try and kill my sleeping bag. I swear during the night this little minx walked over my face. Unfortunately, the next day was our last in Helsinki and also on the tour, it was with saddened hearts we left for the airport, leaving behind the many great people we had met over the last two weeks and all the fascinating places we had seen. 

Now I am back in England, attempting to drink all the tea I brought home with me, contemplating what the next move is. Arvo Part is on the stereo and my guitar still in it's, now battered, travelling case. So, what is next...

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