Monday, 14 November 2011

15 November 2011 - Warsaw

After flying into a hazy, fog filled Warsaw only to find that British Airways had left my guitar in London, we started the tour on the wrong footing. But, all was not lost and by the evening I was reunited with my stringed companion; stress was relieved. Grey clouds and a soft chill dominated the two days, whilst we ambled around seeing the rebuilt Old Town, the Palace of Culture and finally winding our way to our show at Klubojadalnia Eufemia ( ).

Past the Sofitel Hotel, turning into a small off-road and then down a flight of steps, we entered a basement restaurant / bar which exuded ambiance and intimacy, the walls plastered with posters of past acts such as Daniel Higgs, Tim Holehouse and Enchanted Hunters. After plenty of tea and coffee, we played our set to a quiet and attentive audience and even managed an encore for which we played our new song 'Evening Vessel'.

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