Friday, 17 September 2010

CWM - a special trip to Wales.

A little while ago we were asked the play the CWM festival in Wales, a boutique festival organised by Utrophia Arts Collective from Deptford in London. Also on the bill was Red Square, a friendly bunch of noiseniks who we'd had the pleasure of arranging a gig for a few months previously. Coupled with the forecast superb weather and the beautiful Welsh countryside, the trip was looking to be a good one and luckily it was.

Thank you very, very much to Utrophia for allowing us to play and for putting this wonderful event on. We had a great time wandering over the hills and seeing so many great bands play.

Here are a few photos from the trip:

On the way.

First view of the valley.


Opening on the Saturday.

We were watched over by benign entities.

At the top of the overlooking hill a dance was in order.

James from Temperatures playing a set of Faheyesque solo guitar.

A quick trip to Narnia on the way home. 

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